Prayers to a golden star

The beam of light

In a bold and blistering night.

Thorns and rivers and fences,

Guardians of wild walls.

Barriers of crooked colors,

Ice cold blue as the ocean,

Burning brown as the desert

Grey as barbed wire

And as dreams that used to be pink

While laws are black and white,

At least sometimes

At least for them.


Snakes fleeing from sand

Through sand.

Sharks escaping their waters

Through water.

Crawling creatures, 

Climbing chameleons,

And jumping Jaguars.

Are they dangerous?

Are they hazardous?

Are they tremendous

Scavengers or heroes?


Silently invading barred boarders

Quietly invading crowded cattle fields


Rambling with rights to room

Weeping with open wounds

Weeping silently

Rambling quietly

Running, shouting, settling

Building bridges and hauling homes


Wondering when the Father comes.